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The authors present and discuss some aspects of injuries caused by larvae of Lepidoptera moths , emphasizing the skin manifestations and intense pain that characterize these conditions. Moreover, they present moth larvae that cause extracutaneous manifestations, such as severe coagulation disorders and ankylosing arthropathies, and dermatitis related to adult insects. The main groups of Lepidoptera that cause injuries in humans are presented as well as current therapeutic alternatives.

Butterflies and Moths (Lepidoptera)

Butterflies, skippers and moths all belong in the insect order Lepidoptera. However, there are some overall rules that can be used to tell a moth from a butterfly or skipper. Moths, butterflies and skippers are all insects in the order Lepidoptera. Worldwide, there are five families of butterflies and one family of skippers, which share some specialised similarities in body form. All of these families are present in Australia. Moths form a larger group of families worldwide. Note that there are always exceptions to each 'rule'.

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The Lepidoptera, one of the main plant-feeding groups of insects in the world, are well known to most all persons familiar with nature or the garden, as the day-flying butterflies and the mostly nocturnal moths. Included are all the butterflies and skippers superfamily Papilionoidea , plus such common moth groups as silkworms or silkmoths family Bombycidae , emperor moths or giant silkmoths family Saturniidae , hornworms or hawk moths family Sphingidae , cutworms or millers and owlet moths family Noctuidae , inch worms or geometer moths family Geometridae , clothes moths family Tineidae , and many others. The spectacular variety of wing coloration and markings of the Lepidoptera has evolved over millions of years, from the rather drab primitive moths that hardly appear much different than the related Trichoptera, to the most brilliantly colored butterflies. The Lepidoptera are notably differentiated from Trichoptera by the scales which cover the wings and all external body parts. Such famous species as the American monarch butterfly Danaus plexippus, family Nymphalidae, subfamily Danainae , the swallowtails and the tropical birdwings family Papilionidae , the many common yellow butterflies family Pieridae , and blues and hairstreaks family Lycaenidae , are known by most persons in the world from their earliest school days.

Vol 2: Morphology, Physiology, and Development

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PDF | On Jan 1, , I.J. Kitching and others published Lepidoptera, Moths and Butterflies. Volume 1. Evolution, Systematics and Biogeography. Handbook of.


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Michael C.

Aglossata Glossata Heterobathmiina Zeugloptera.


Liborio E.

Most attention to conservation of moths has been to species or assemblages of the'macrolepidoptera', which includes families rivalling the butterflies in their popularity.


Yury B.

Lepidoptera phylogeny and systematics: the state of inventorying moth and butterfly diversity.


Hugh L.

A comprehensive english-language reference work on morphology, physiology and development of the moths and butterflies of the world.



Lepidopteran , order Lepidoptera , any of about , species of butterflies , moths , and skippers.


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