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Cell Structure And Function Pdf Class 8

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Cell membrane gives shape to the cell. In addition to the cell membrane, there is an outer thick layer in cells of plants called cell wall. This additional layer surrounding the cell membrane is required by the plants for protection.

Cell Structure and Functions-Notes

These solutions for Cell Structure And Functions are extremely popular among Class 8 students for Science Cell Structure And Functions Solutions come handy for quickly completing your homework and preparing for exams. All questions and answers from the Living Science Book of Class 8 Science Chapter 8 are provided here for you for free. A unicellular organism is composed of a single cell. This single cell performs all the biological processes required for the maintenance of life activities of a cell. Thus, in case of unicellular organisms, all life activities are performed by a single cell. In a multicellular organism, all cells have the capability to perform all life functions.

Cell: i In the living organisms, Cells are basic structural units. Bricks are assembled to make a building. Similarly, cells are assembled to make the body of every organism. All organisms are made up of cells iv Sub cellular structures of cell include organelles, the plasma membrane, and, if present, the nucleus. Each cell contains genetic material that is passed down during reproduction process. Discovery of the Cell: i In , the English scientist Robert Hooke observed slices of cork which is part of bark of the tress, under a simple magnifying device.

Cell is the basic building block of all living organism or the smallest structural or functional unit of an organism. Prokaryotic Cells - The cells having nuclear material without nuclear membrane are termed as prokaryotic cells. Examples: bacteria and blue green algae. Eukaryotic cells - The cells having well organised nucleus with a nuclear membrane are designated as eukaryotic cells. Plant cells have a cell wall surrounding the cell membrane.

Cell- Structure and Function - Class 8 : Notes

Question 1. Indicate whether the following statements are True T or False F. Answer: a True b True c False d True. Question 2. Make a sketch of the human nerve cell. What function do nerve cells perform? Answer: Function of nerve cells: The function of the nerve cell is to receive and transfer messages, it helps to control and coordinate the working of different parts of the body.

Register Now. Hey there! We receieved your request. A cell is the Smallest Unit of life that can replicate independently, and cells are often called the "Building Blocks of Life". Figure1: Robert Hooke discovered cells in Hooke saw honeycomb-like structure when he observed thin slices of cork under a microscope.

The first section discusses how Robert Hooke discovered this fundamental unit of life. In the second section, various concepts of the cell are explained in detail. The similarity between the brick of a building and cell of living organisms is discussed. Variety in cell number, shape and size is covered in the third section. Here, the organisms are classified on the basis of a number of cells inside their body into. In the fourth section of the chapter, Cell- Structure and Functions, the structure of cell and functions of each part of the cell is extensively covered.

Cell structure and functions

Our aim is to help students learn subjects like physics, maths and science for students in school , college and those preparing for competitive exams. All right reserved. All material given in this website is a property of physicscatalyst. All living organisms are made up of cells. Cells make tissues, tissues make organs, organs make organ systems and organ systems make a living organism.

The topics covered under CBSE Class 8 Science important questions are the discovery of the cell, the cell, variety in cell number, shape, and size in different organisms, cell structure and function, parts of the cell, comparison between the animal cell and the plant cell. The cell is the basic unit of life, It is a small membrane-bound compartment. Which contains all the chemicals and molecules that help to support an organism's life. Understanding the structure and function of cells is one of the basic steps to comprehend the complex cellular interactions, which produces life. There are two types of cells namely unicellular and multicellular organisms, both the organisms have their own uniqueness and functions.

Cell structure and functions

Please also refer to the NCERT solutions for Class 8 Science to understand the answers of the exercise questions given at the end of this chapter. Cells may be compared to bricks. Bricks are assembled to make a building.

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structure and its functions because of improved transferring messages. Cell Structure and. Function. You have learnt that each living organism studied in Class VII about the digestive State their function. 8. 'Cells are the basic structural units of living organisms'. ccofmc.org​.pdf).


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In the class 8th science chapter 8 notes, you will learn the basic functioning of the cell and how they are formed.


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