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List Of Homonyms And Their Meanings Pdf

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Homonyms are two words that are spelled the same and sound the same but have different meanings. The word "homonym" comes from the prefix " homo- ," which means the same, and the suffix "-nym," which means name. Therefore, a homonym is a word that has the same name as another word, meaning that the two words look and sound exactly alike.

In English, Western Europe, and some East Asian countries, a homophone is a word that is pronounced the same to varying extent as another word but differs in meaning. A homophone may also differ in spelling. The two words may be spelled the same, as in rose flower and rose past tense of rise , or differently, as in rain , reign , and rein. The term "homophone" may also apply to units longer or shorter than words, for example a phrase, letter, or groups of letters which are pronounced the same as another phrase, letter, or group of letters.

Homonym: Extensive List of 300+ Homonyms with Examples

Creation of a list of homonyms in Brazilian Portuguese for linguistic processing tasks. This paper presents procedures and steps to create a list of homonyms, their meanings and representative images. One hundred and three homonyms in Brazilian Portuguese were secluded through searches in text books and dictionaries and the meanings were verified. The homonyms were analyzed and selected according pre-established criteria. Twenty-six homonyms with two meanings were selected and one image was used to represent each meaning.

Homonyms are the words that sound like one another, particularly when that are pronounced the same way but spelt differently. The second Pole refers to a bamboo pole or any other wooden pole. Bail : The temporary release of an accused person awaiting trial, sometimes on the condition that a sum of money is deposited in the court to guarantee their appearance in the court at a future date 1. To scoop water out of a ship or a boat 2. To make an emergency descent by parachute from an aircraft 3.

List of English homographs

Homographs are words with the same spelling but having more than one meaning. Homographs may be pronounced the same homonyms , or they may be pronounced differently heteronyms , also known as heterophones. Some homographs are nouns or adjectives when the accent is on the first syllable, and verbs when it is on the second. When the prefix "re-" is added to a monosyllabic word, the word gains currency both as a noun and as a verb. Most of the pairs listed below are closely related: for example, "absent" as a noun meaning "missing", and as a verb meaning "to make oneself missing". There are also many cases in which homographs are of an entirely separate origin, or whose meanings have diverged to the point that present-day speakers have little historical understanding: for example, "bat". Many, though not all of these, have first syllables that evolved from Latin.

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Examples of Homonyms

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Examples of Homonyms

English can be a confusing language to learn!

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Homonyms are the words that sound like one another, particularly when that are pronounced the same way but spelt differently.


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Homonyms are the words that sound like one another, particularly when that are pronounced the same way but spelt differently.


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