ethical and religious aspects of gamete and embryo donation and legislation in iran pdf

Ethical And Religious Aspects Of Gamete And Embryo Donation And Legislation In Iran Pdf

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This article examines Islamic law in post-revolutionary Iran, with particular emphasis on areas where Islamic and Iranian law intersect. It then turns to the nature and history of the post-revolutionary Iranian constitution and constitutional law, along with the efforts of Iranian Islamic reformists and thinkers to conceptualize Islam so as to accommodate popular representation and adaptability to changing social and cultural preferences. Finally, the article looks at various areas where Islamic law intersects with Iranian law.

The Impact of Third Party Reproduction on Family and Kinship

Nosrati, S. Legal and religious Counseling aspects of gamete donation in Iran: Review study. Toggle navigation. Introduction: Regarding recent advances in infertility treatment and extended use of gamete donation, it is necessary to increase the awareness of health care providers about legal and religious aspects of oocyte and sperm donation in order to have an effective consultation. Therefore, this review article was done with aim to evaluate the studies performed on the legal and religious counseling aspects of gamete donation in Iran. For data collection, searching was done on the articles which had the key words of "oocyte donation", "gamete donation", "sperm donation", "counseling", "law ", and "religion" alone or in combination in the title or text as Persian and English.

Using fertile couples as embryo donors: An ethical dilemma

Background: There are controversial views on accepting a reproductive donation in the world. Materials and Methods: This descriptive correlational study was conducted out on infertile couples visiting Milad Infertility Center in Mashhad, Iran with using convenience sampling. The research instruments were valid and reliable sociocultural beliefs and attitude questionnaires, which were completed by the respondents on a self-report basis. Results: The mean score of attitude toward reproductive donation in infertile women and men was It is therefore recommended to take steps to incorporate sociocultural beliefs into the routine care of infertile couples with the help of social media to give them ability for making more pragmatic decision in relation to their chosen options.

The development of in vitro fertilization IVF in the UK, in , proved a major breakthrough in the process of human reproduction, which had remained constant in human history. The impact of IVF and the ensuing assisted reproductive technologies ARTs has not been limited in revolutionizing the "natural" practice of biological reproduction, but has reached out to and affected almost every institution in society. Family and kinship, as the social expression of reproduction and the institutions which are the most transparently structured realm of human life are those most profoundly affected by ARTs. Although literature on the implications of ARTs is in general abundant, this article presents new insights on their impact on family and kinship in Iran, which remains a unique case in the Muslim world. The conclusion points to the lack of clarity concerning the initial rulings by the Islamic jurists, who allowed the practice of ARTs, and which has led to a number of unintended consequences regarding the legal, religious, cultural, and ethical issues, affecting the family, its structure and the relationship between the kin group. These consequences range, inter alia, from the question of the anonymity of third-party donor, to the permissibility of gamete donation between blood relatives, and to the absence of enforceable legislation. Introduction The biological process of human reproduction, which had remained constant throughout the history, witnessed a major breakthrough in in the form of the development of in vitro fertilization IVF technology in the UK and the birth of the first IVF baby, Louise Brown.

The use of IVF technology in Iran, an Islamic country which follows Shiite ethical and legal aspects and obtaining the Fatwa of Shiite clerics, the “Act Unlike embryo donation, Iranian law is silent on gamete donation and no As mentioned in the Act, the practice needs to comply with religious criteria for both embryo.

Ethical and Religious Aspects of Gamete and Embryo Donation and Legislation in Iran

The use of donated embryos has offered hope for infertile couples who have no other means to have children. In Iran, fertility centers use fertile couples as embryo donors. In this paper, the advantages and disadvantages of this procedure will be discussed. We conclude that embryo-donation should be performed with frozen embryos thus preventing healthy donors from being harmed by fertility drugs.

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This dissertation has examined Shia attitudes towards assisted reproductive technologies, and has looked at the regulations and the social uses of these technologies in Iran. Assisted reproductive technologies including gamete and embryo donation as well as surrogacy are legal in Iran and are being practiced at Iranian IVF clinics; this is while complying with the laws and regulations regarding its appropriate use has mainly been influenced by Shia juridical moral concerns, particularly with regards to the ontological and moral status of the human embryo, adultery, incest, marriage and filiation. This dissertation has explored some aspects of a religious legal hermeneutic strategy that have shaped the Iranian attitudes towards reproductive technologies. It has described some prevalent juridical moral values surrounding reproduction, kinship and sexuality that are influential in the context of the Iranian regulations and legislation e.

Embryo Donation in Iranian Legal System: A Critical Review

Recent developments and newly-discovered methods for infertility treatment including in vitro fertilization and third party reproduction raise many questions and challenges with different ethical, legal, sociological and psychological dimensions.

International Journal of

During recent decades, new assisted reproductive technologies ARTs have improved significantly, but their ethical, social, psychological, religious and legal aspects are blurred and need further research. New techniques using donor sperm or egg allow for third party involvement in the procreation process, which has created new hope for infertile couples. The corresponding clinical applications also raise new religious questions, which require appropriate interpretation in order to make their use possible, particularly in religious communities. In this paper, we discuss the most important ethical issues and the Islamic view of third party reproduction. Likewise, the current method of third party reproduction in Iran will be described, and the advantages and disadvantages of the Act of Embryo Donation to Infertile Spouses will be stated. Consideration of this outlook could generate inspiration in many Islamic countries. This is a preview of subscription content, access via your institution.

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Likewise, the current method of third party reproduction in Iran will be described, and the advantages and disadvantages of the Act of Embryo.



Request PDF | Ethical and Religious Aspects of Gamete and Embryo Donation and Legislation in Iran | During recent decades, new assisted.


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Despite ongoing ethical debate surrounding gamete donation, this is now a .uk​/media//fertility-treatmenttrends-and-figures-maypdf (, and religious aspects of gamete and embryo donation and legislation in Iran. Tremayne, S. Law, ethics, and donor technologies in Shia Iran.


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