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Rural cottage industry in Brazil. Fernandes Filho; F. Fernandes Filho, J.

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Industrial Licensing in India: Norms and Policy

All Chapter wise Questions with Solutions to help you to revise complete Syllabus and Score More marks in your examinations. Short Answer Type Questions Question 1. What are the different parameters used to measure the size of business? Question 2. What is the definition used by government of India for Small Scale Industries?

In Indian economy small-scale and cottage industries occupy an important place, because of their employment potential and their contribution to total industrial output and exports. Government of India has taken a number of steps to promote them. However, with the recent measures, small-scale and cottage industries facing both internal competition as well as external competition. There is no clear distinction between small-scale and cottage industries. However it is generally believed that cottage industry is one which is carried on wholly or primarily with the help of the members of the family. As against this, small-scale industry employs hired labour. Moreover industries are generally associated with agriculture and provide subsidiary employment in rural areas.

Introduction Chapter - 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 Conclusion Appendix. Objectives and techniques significant as the achievements of the first plan have been, it is apparent that they have to be regarded as no more than a beginning. The task is not merely one of reaching any fixed or static point, such as doubling of living standards, but of generating a dynamism in the economy which will lift it to continually higher levels of material well-being and of intellectual and cultural achievements. The current levels of living in India are very low. Production is insufficient even for satisfying the minimum essential needs of the population, and a large leeway has to be made before the services arid amenities required for healthy living can be brought within the reach of any significant proportion of the population. There are large areas or regions of the country which are underdeveloped even in relation to the rest of the country and there are classes of the population which are almost untouched by modem progressive ideas and techniques. It is necessary to proceed faster with development, and this, it must be emphasised, is possible only to the extent that a larger measure of effort, both financial and organisational is forthcoming.

Small Scale Industries ( SSI ) – Characteristics, Objectives, Registration of SSI

A cottage industry may be a small-scale industry, wherever the creation of merchandise and services is home-based, instead of factory-based. A small cottage industry goes through many hardships. This article reports about such cottage industry doing planning on the basis of co-operation. A manufacturer is an industry—primarily manufacturing—which includes several producers, performing from their homes, generally half time. The term originally brought up home staffs who were engaged during a task like stitching, lace-making, wall hangings, natural philosophy, or family producing.

In India, Small-scale enterprises have been given an important place for both ideological and economic reasons. It is well documented that the small scale industries have an important role in the development of the country. Government's approach and intention towards industries in general and SSIs in particular are revealed in Industrial policy Resolutions. These are mentioned as below:. It was well understood that small-scale industries are mainly suited for the utilization of local resources and for creation of employment opportunities. However, they have to face severe problems of raw materials, capital, skilled labour, marketing since a long period of time B.

Since the liberalization and deregulation of the Indian economy in , most industries have been exempt from obtaining an industrial license to start manufacturing in India. Government attention is reserved only for those industries that may impact public health, safety, and national security. The provisions of the Act restrict a licensed industrial undertaking from manufacturing a new article unless the license has been renewed or a new license has been obtained to include the new article. Earlier, large industries that manufactured items that were exclusively reserved for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises MSME also needed to obtain an industrial license. The provision was aimed at protecting indigenous manufacturers from unequal competition with large scale industries.

Cottage industries are generally small-scale household industries, producing goods to fulfill the demand of the local community. Their main aim is.

NCERT Solutions For Class 11 Business Studies Small Business

In many state governments, for the promotion of small scale industries, a separate corporation has been set up which is known as Small Industries Development Corporation. They undertake all kinds of activities for the promotion of small scale industries. Right from the stage of installation, to the stage of commencing production, these Corporations help small scale industries SSI in many ways.

Government Policies for Development and Promotion of Small-Scale Industries in India

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Cottage Industry

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