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As long as you think about it while drawing, your gesture or posing will be stronger. It gives a direction to the pose, a force that runs though, or simply a visual pathways to guide your audience.

We all try to draw fast and loose but, in the middle of it all, nuance may escape us for a brief moment. Keep that in mind and lure you audience in with slightly more nuanced expressions, until the right extreme expression calls for it. Tuesday Tips — Head Space — As an audience, our eyes are mostly tracking the head and eyes of the main characters on screen. As filmmakers, it would be a great disservice to not take that info into consideration. For clarity, try to make space around the head of characters on-screens.

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In order to shut up the part of my brain that tries to analyze and do things step by step. Overthinking often leads to stiff posing. So I sometimes draw with an almost continuous line. This way, I get across an idea or feeling very fast without thinking it through to much. I can then go back and fix things or bring more clarity by drawing over it. But, I try to draw the figure in a three-dimensional space.

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This book is written by Griselda Sastrawinata and Normand Lemay , a husband and wife team currently working as feature animation artists at Walt Disney Animation Studio. Those drawing tips are very practical and useful. The authors are obviously professionals and you can tell from the drawings in this book as well as how they explain the concepts. There's a lot of coverage on drawing figures, some bits on using colours, understanding values, creating storyboards and thumbnails. This book would benefit those who draw human figures more but many of the concepts can also be applied on other subjects. This is an excellent book for those who want to get better at drawing.

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The profile is simple, direct, and conveys a lot of information about a character. A great deal of facial features are easier to define in a profile, such as the nose and mouth shapes. Use it to your advantage! Tuesday Tips - Floating Hands I use this a lot when storyboarding a first pass of a sequence. Placing hands in the right, most appealing position can be tricky. This way I can create a much more expressive and clear pose than if I was just radiating out of the torso. I would say the same applies to life drawing.

art ref — Griz & Norm - Tuesday Tips // (WIP G&N Master...

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Other editions. Enlarge cover.

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art ref — Griz & Norm - Tuesday Tips // (WIP G&N Master...

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Mar 16, - Griselda Sastrawinata, Normand Lemay. Tuesday Tips - Signed. [SNX] 12 x 9, , color, wraps. Very Fine. Signed by the artists.


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Tuesday Tips - Floating Hands I use this a lot when storyboarding a first pass of a sequence.


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