omebody to love a rock and roll memoir pdf

Omebody To Love A Rock And Roll Memoir Pdf

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Grace Slick born Grace Barnett Wing , October 30, [1] is a retired American singer-songwriter and current artist who was a key figure in San Francisco's burgeoning psychedelic music scene in the mids. Her music career spanned four decades.

Cancel anytime. This program includes a foreword written and read by Grace Slick, and an afterword written and read by Jack Casady. From the man who made a name for himself as a founding member and lead guitarist of Jefferson Airplane comes a memoir that offers a rare glimpse into the heart and soul of a musical genius - and a vivid journey through the psychedelic era in America.

Somebody to love?

Jefferson Airplane singer Slick delivers a bouncy, somewhat hectoring account of her year career. Slick soon drifted into the Airplane and out of her marriage. Slick was never one to shrink from the highs, and she gives us a few entertaining psychedelic vignettes. Uniquely, the Airplane played all three of the pivotal rock festivals that, respectively, inaugurated an era Monterey , defined it for posterity Woodstock , and ignominiously ended it Altamont. Slick cheerfully and explicitly details her sexual liaisons with all but one of her bandmates and an encounter with Jim Morrison involving a bed full of smashed strawberries. A few years later she reenlisted, at this point the only original member; this version of Starship was a soulless commercial enterprise that commissioned its songs from top Hollywood hacks, but the aging Slick liked the —easy ride. Stricter than, say, Bergen Evans or W3 "disinterested" means impartial — period , Strunk is in the last analysis

Go here to enter for a chance to win , or just click on the image below. One of the best ways to get into a new old band or musician is to find their memoirs and biographies. Immerse yourself in the creation of these gifted humans, stare googly-eyed at the photos printed on glossy pages in the middle of the book, and then jam out to their music. And The Doors. And Motley Crue.

Somebody to Love - Grace Slick- A Rock-And-Roll (1.65 MB)

As the lead singer of Jefferson Airplane later Jefferson Starship and, still later, Starship , Slick had a ringside seat for some of the decades most notorious high jinks--Haight-Ashbury, Woodstock, the sexual revolution, and of course, 60s drug culture. Put it this way: if the dormouse said feed your head, Slick did--again and again and again. Which leads to this memoirs principal shortcoming: its hard to document the most important decade of your life if you cant remember it. Still, even if shes a little fuzzy on some of the details, the anecdotes alone are worth the price of admission, from the time Slick and Abbie Hoffman plotted to dose Richard Nixon to her surreal sexual encounter with a nearly autistic-seeming Jim Morrison: Although I knew there was some pattern of events going on in his head that connected what Id just said to what he was thinking, it never made sense. Now sober and nearing her 60s, Slick frets over her aging body, campaigns against biomedical research, and feeds the raccoons in her back yard. But she hasnt lost any of her famous feistiness. This is the same woman who flashed her breasts at photographers, pulled her skirt over her head at concerts, and even once, having ingested the entire contents of the minibar in my hotel room, stuck her fingers up an audience members nose.

Watch fullscreen. About For Books Somebody to Love? She has been called rock and roll's original female outlaw, as famous for her bad behavior as for her haunting singing voice. In her year career as a musician, Grace Slick charted dozens of hits and sold millions of albums. From "White Rabbit" and "Somebody to Love" to "Sarah" and "Miracles", the songs she performed became the anthems of a generation. Whether describing her antics at the White House with Abbie Hoffman or the unforgettable experience that was Woodstock, Slick's recollections have the same rich imagery found in her lyrics.

Grace Slick Somebody to Love a ROCKANDROLL Memoir by Andrea Cagan - Hardcover VG

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Dabney Roger "Darby" Slick born [ citation needed ] is an American guitarist and songwriter, best known as a former member of The Great Society , and as the writer of the Jefferson Airplane song " Somebody to Love. Darby played lead guitar and occasionally performed backup vocals early on and less often towards the disbanding. Originally under the title "Mind Full of Bread," [2] the composition was created during Slick's process of creating a novel, which started in

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