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Useful Trees And Shrubs Of Ethiopia Pdf

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Published: 29.05.2021

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Show full item record. JavaScript is disabled for your browser. Some features of this site may not work without it. Date: Abstract: The tree cover in Ethiopia dwindles further every year. The major reason for this resource shrinkage is the increasingly intensive use of land for agricultural and livestock production, but tree cutting for fuelwood and construction materials also plays a role.

The Centre pursues these goals through research, education and development activities. Box , Nairobi Kenya. Bekele-Tesemma, A. Useful trees of Ethiopia: identification, propagation and management in 17 agroecological zones. ISBN 92 5. The contents of this handbook may be reproduced without special permission. However, acknowledgement of the source is requested.

Useful Trees And Shrubs Of Ethiopia

Cataloguing-in-publication data Useful Trees and Shrubs in Eritrea. Bein, B. Habte, A. Jaber, A. Birnie and B.

Prospects for sustainable use and development of wild food plants in Ethiopia

This study was aimed to determine woody species composition, diversity, and vegetation structure and to investigate major threats to Wurg forest, southwest Ethiopia. Voucher specimens were brought to the Ethiopian Biodiversity Institute for identification and deposited there. R program version A total of 76 woody species representing 40 families were recorded.


Prospects for sustainable use and development of wild food plants in Ethiopia

One of the main aims of this book is to benefit the rural people of Ethiopia by ercouraging them to grow more trees and shrubs of a wider variety of species than they have up to now. It provides information on a selection of useful tree and shrub species for the range of agroclimatic conditions found in Ethiopia. ECHOcommunity represents a vast network of agriculture and community development practitioners around the world. The sharing of information is a core value in this community of practice.

The study was conducted in Wof-Washa Forest in the central highlands of Ethiopia, aiming at determining the impact of altitude and anthropogenic disturbance on plant species composition, structure, and diversity of the forest. Eighteen transect lines with meters apart from each other were established from top to bottom. For each plot the plant species were counted, diameter at breast height and height of trees and shrubs were measured. The human disturbance data were visually estimated for each plot in each community. Plant community classification was made following Ethiopia agro-ecological zones. Plant species diversity and richness were found related to human disturbance and altitude.

Useful trees and shrubs of Ethiopia: Identification, Propagation and. Management for 17 Agroclimatic Zones. Azene Bekele-Tesemma. Edited by. Bo Tengnäs.

Woody Species Diversity and Vegetation Structure of Wurg Forest, Southwest Ethiopia


Vesna P.

Field and herbarium studies on wild flowering plants of Ethiopia furnished species consumed by the community.


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