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Animal Farm Chapter 7 Questions And Answers Pdf

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What was the real reason why the windmill was destroyed?

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Animal Farm Chapter 7

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Its walls were too thin, and it was caught in the middle of a storm. What was the reason which the animals believed? They thought that Snowball was responsible for the destruction of the windmill. Under what conditions did the animals work at the beginning of the chapter? They had to work through a bitter winter, which had sleet, snow, and frost. Why did the animals want to complete the windmill in time?

Animal Farm

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As the human world watches Animal Farm and waits for news of its failure, the animals struggle against starvation. Napoleon uses Mr. Whymper to spread news of Animal Farm's sufficiency to the human world. After learning that they must surrender their eggs, the hens stage a demonstration that only ends when they can no longer live without the rations that Napoleon had denied them.

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Animal Farm Chapter 7 Questions

Сьюзан вдруг поняла, что смеется и плачет одновременно. Коммандер спас ей жизнь.


CumelГ©n C.

One Sunday morning Squealer announced that the hens, who had just come in to lay again, must surrender their eggs.


MadelГіn G.

It was a bitter winter.


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