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For those interested, I have produced a sheet of the chances of making a given TN for a dice of d4-d It includes the average result and the…. Just an update for anyone who is interested.

Our sourcebook on the blessed folks of the Weird West reveals all sorts of new miracles, divine interventions, Edges, and avengers for your six-gun totin', hickory stick swingin', holy avenger.

List of Deadlands: The Weird West publications

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Deadlands - Classic - Arquetypes - Fire & Brimstone

Our sourcebook on the blessed folks of the Weird West reveals all sorts of new miracles, divine interventions, Edges, and avengers for your six-gun totin', hickory stick swingin', holy avenger. Whether your character's a Baptist Bible-thumper, Buddhist monk, frontier Rabbi, or soapbox evangelist, this book has what you need to turn back the forces of evil in the Weird West. Log In. New Account or Log In. Hide my password. Get the newsletter.

It ain't easy being one of the chosen in the Weird West. In the towns, evil folks of all stripes wander about the place, looking for good folks to lead astray. It's even worse in the wilderness, where creatures straight from the pits of Hell lurk, ready to rip off your good right arm faster than you can spit back a "Hallelujah! It's got rules for how to play blessed folks from many major faiths, from Bible-thumping Christians to enigmatic Buddhists. There are also more than 60 miracles for the faithful, plus two dozen all-new gifts and 20 different forms of divine intervention. It's all capped off by an adventure sure to send shivers down even the most pious spine. Fire and Brimstone Average Rating: 7.

Description. Our sourcebook on the blessed folks of the Weird West reveals all sorts of new miracles, divine interventions, Edges, and avengers for your six-gun​.

Deadlands - Classic - Arquetypes - Fire & Brimstone

This is a list of the publications released for the roleplaying game Deadlands: The Weird West , published by Pinnacle Entertainment Group. The game was originally released using its own custom rules, and has since been published using the d20 system , GURPS and Savage Worlds rules. The Deadlands world was expanded with a post-apocalyptic setting entitled Deadlands: Hell on Earth ; a list of the publications for this setting can be found here.

Here gunslinging cowboys in frontier towns meet magic, mad science, and the undead. In this alternate , a Native American ritual to drive out European settlers goes horribly wrong, summoning evil entities known as Reckoners. These beings feed on fear, so they bring monsters, madness, and magic to the West. An arcane resource called ghost rock allows for steampunk-style mad science, while spirits gamble with mortals to provide power — at a price. You can play Texas Rangers, Native American shamans, magical hucksters, Confederate deserters, snake oil salesmen — even saloon girls.

Gifts: Guardian angel, hardy. Sneak 3 You need help?


Gifts: Guardian angel, hardy. Sneak 3 You need help? Well, the Lord helps them Quickness 4d6 what helps themselves, I always say. Gifts: Beast friend, manna. Sneak 3 And the only thing between you and them is Quickness 3d8 me and the powers of the Good. Now, I can put Scrutinize 2 my own special talents to use for the right Search 3 reason. That and a whole lot of praying.

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Discussion of rules, story, groups currently or previously playing the game are all welcome.

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Неужели уехала без меня в Стоун-Мэнор. - Эй! - услышал он за спиной сердитый женский голос и чуть не подпрыгнул от неожиданности. - Я… я… прошу прощения, - заикаясь, сказал Беккер и застегнул молнию на брюках. Повернувшись, он увидел вошедшую в туалет девушку.

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 Ну и. Но тебе там понравится. ГЛАВА 50 Фил Чатрукьян остановился в нескольких ярдах от корпуса ТРАНСТЕКСТА, там, где на полу белыми буквами было выведено: НИЖНИЕ ЭТАЖИ ШИФРОВАЛЬНОГО ОТДЕЛА ВХОД ТОЛЬКО ДЛЯ ЛИЦ СО СПЕЦИАЛЬНЫМ ДОПУСКОМ Чатрукьян отлично знал, что к этим лицам не принадлежит.

Тогда она взяла послание домой и всю ночь просидела под одеялом с карманным фонариком, пытаясь раскрыть секрет. Наконец она поняла, что каждая цифра обозначала букву с соответствующим порядковым номером. Она старательно расшифровывала текст, завороженная тем, как на первый взгляд произвольный набор цифр превращался в красивые стихи.

Memories of Yesterday

Беккер отшвырнул пистолет и без сил опустился на ступеньку. Впервые за целую вечность он почувствовал, что глаза его застилают слезы, и зажмурился, прогоняя влажную пелену.


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