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Emotion classification , the means by which one may distinguish or contrast one emotion from another, is a contested issue in emotion research and in affective science. Researchers have approached the classification of emotions from one of two fundamental viewpoints:. In discrete emotion theory , all humans are thought to have an innate set of basic emotions that are cross-culturally recognizable.

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Mixed Emotions and Coping: The Benefits of Secondary Emotions

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The 6 Types of Basic Emotions and Their Effect on Human Behavior

Following Darwin, Plutchik's psychoevolutionary theory defines emotions as adaptive reactions to stimuli. A set of propositions is presented, according to which the predicted values of particular emotions are proportional to power functions of the products of pairs of social relations variables. With the measurement of just eight social relations variables, the general, formal, socioevolutionary theory makes it possible to predict the level of each of the eight primary emotions and of the 28 secondary emotions that are mixed pairs of primary emotions. TenHouten, W. Report bugs here.

Performed the experiments: AB. Analyzed the data: AB ET. Wrote the paper: AB ET. The existing empirical literature suggests that during difficult situations, the concurrent experience of positive and negative affects may be ideal for ensuring successful adaptation and well-being. However, different patterns of mixed emotions may have different adaptive consequences. The present research tested the proposition that experiencing a pattern of secondary mixed emotion i.

We can distinguish between two types of emotions: primary emotions and secondary emotions. Primary emotions are direct emotional reactions to a situation, and they are called primary because they come first. It is your very first reaction to a situation or devent, and they alert you about your needs. A typical example is if you get angry as a result of someone being ruthless to you or someone you love, and you feel a need to protect or set boundaries. Then the feeling of anger is a primary emotion and it helps you to protect what is important to you by making it more likely you assert yourself. You might experience unwanted feelings, or feelings that you have learned that are not ok to express.

All other emotions are made up by combining these basic 8 emotions. • Sometimes we have secondary emotions, an emotional reaction to an emotion. We learn.

Emotion classification

There are many different types of emotions that have an influence on how we live and interact with others. At times, it may seem like we are ruled by these emotions. The choices we make, the actions we take, and the perceptions we have are all influenced by the emotions we are experiencing at any given moment. Psychologists have also tried to identify the different types of emotions that people experience.

In humans, primary emotions are understood as onto-genetically earlier emotions, which directly influence facial expressions. Secondary emotions, in contrast, afford the ability to reason about current events in the light of experiences and expectations.

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Primary and secondary emotions

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Example: You may feel anger about being hurt or shame about your anxiety. Secondary emotions turn emotions into complex reactions. They increase the intensity.


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