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Scouts and venturers who embrace the outdoor code and the principles of leave no trace often find that they wish to give back and help protect the environment that has given them so much. Leave no trace lnt is an ethical principle that was originally developed for backcountry camping but became a general outdoor code of ethics.

The 7 Principles

Adventure Goal : Expand hiking skills to include planning hikes, and extending the distance hiked. Adventure Requirements : Complete Requirements and at least one other. Plan a hike or outdoor activity. Assemble a first aid kit suitable for your hike or activity. Talk about how you can demonstrate them on your Webelos adventures.

With your Webelos den or with a family member, hike 3 miles. Before your hike, plan and prepare a nutritious lunch or snack. Enjoy it on your hike, and clean up afterward. Describe and identify from photos any poisonous plants and dangerous animals and insects you might encounter on your hike or activity.

Perform one of the following leadership roles during your hike: trail leader, first aid leader, or lunch or snack leader. Ideas for Adventure Requirements : Use this Hiking Plan form Sample first aid kit Besides poison ivy and poison oak, other plants can irritate, scratch, and cause rashes.

Some to look for include: wild parsnip, stinging nettle, cacti, raspberry, rose, coarse grass. This is a good way to encourage staying on the trail to reduce chances of getting too close to these plants, insects, and animals. Non-refrigerated food and drink works best. On longer hikes, snacking often at breaks keeps a body better fueled than stopping for a big, long lunch break. Be careful when walking and eating so you don't choke and don't drop bits of food.

Look for examples of poisonous plants, ways to follow LNT Principles, and opportunities to read maps and use a compass while on the hike. Contact the manager of the location of your hike beforehand to find out what project your den can do.

There's often small clean-ups needed, such as overgorwn brush, down trees, or spreading bark chips. Don't modify the trail or nature area without first checking - that tree across the trail might be part of a reroute.

If you have a large den, a scout does not need to be navigator or first-aid person for the entire hike, but make sure they each have opportunities to make some decisions and practice leading their den. Only one scout at a time should be leading, not co-leaders. Sing Scout Who Never Returned song. Scouts more interested in maps can try the Map Test of map symbols.

This was really helpful to me. I'm a boy scout and working on Den Chief. Find more Scouting Resources at www. Scouter Paul on Hudson Bay Bread recipe. Bennett Jeffers on Hudson Bay Bread recipe. Matthew Karpacz on Carpentry MB. Scouter Paul on Communication MB. Isaac Frentheway on Communication MB. Cubmaster Jeff on Flag ceremony.

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As an American, I will do my best to be clean in my outdoor manners, be careful with fire, be considerate in the outdoors, and to be conservation-minded. The Outdoor Code is one of the most important foundations of Scouting. Similar to the Scout Oath or Scout Law, the Outdoor Code is your promise to care for the environment and leave no trace. What is the Outdoor Code? Take a moment now to re-familiarize yourself with the code. Read it aloud if that helps you better remember:. Got it memorized?

Covers the six essentials for cub scouts, the outdoor code, and the leave no trace principles for kids. Kids outdoor hiking adventure, the 6 essentials and outdoor code cub scouts leave no trace principals for kidswhen hiking outdoors, the cub scouts have 6. Cub scout six essentials, leave no trace and outdoor code cards are great to help your scout learn their six essentials, leave no trace and outdoor code as well as remember them while on their outdoor adventures. Cub scout outdoor code and leave no trace pledge pack we promise to follow the outdoor code and leave no trace pledge any time we are outside of our home. Cub scout 1: be clean in my outdoor manners. The outdoor code, the cub scout six essentials for hiking, the leave no trace principles for kids. Building upon this foundation, the cub scout, boy scout, venturing, and sea scout programs all include outdoor stewardship, care for the environment, and leave no trace as part of their programs.

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Bear Necessities. Click on Pics Below for Printable PDF This loop requires TWO outdoor meals. Planning and shopping for.

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We all know that a great way to connect with our kids is to get them disconnected from all of their electronics, and that Scouts in particular love a good adventure into the woods. The Aims of Scouting are character development, leadership development, citizenship training, and personal fitness; all of which can be achieved in the great outdoors. Am I doing my best to be conservation-minded?

Webelos Walkabout Adventure

With a little guidance, they can build something else, too: a stronger sense of outdoor ethics. In recent years, Leave No Trace principles have become entrenched in Scouting. As a result, many boys and adult leaders can recite the seven principles of Leave No Trace as easily as they can recite the 12 points of the Scout Law. Leave No Trace, though, is about more than just awareness.

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Leave No Trace

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This week we focused on the Outdoor Code and the Leave No Trace Pledge. Please review these items with your scout. Adult Partner, please sign below after​.



Below is our list of Leave No Trace Principles for Kids. Find the Cub Scout #1: Be clean in my outdoor manners. Cub Scouts, this is the Outdoor Code.


Eric B.

Having direct access to the Cedar River, we host tent and cabin camping, canoe floats, trail hikes, mountain bike rides, training sessions, and other activities.



It consists of seven principles: [1].


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