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What is pitting corrosion? Pitting Corrosion is the localized corrosion of a metal surface confined to a point or small area, that takes the form of cavities. Pitting corrosion is one of the most damaging forms of corrosion. Pitting factor is the ratio of the depth of the deepest pit resulting from corrosion divided by the average penetration as calculated from weight loss.

The following photo shows pitting corrosion of a SAF duplex stainless steel after exposure to 3. What materials are susceptible to pitting corrosion?

The resulting pits can become wide and shallow or narrow and deep which can rapidly perforate the wall thickness of a metal. ASTM-G46 has a standard visual chart for rating of pitting corrosion. The shape of pitting corrosion can only be identified through metallography where a pitted sample is cross-sectioned and the pit shape, the pit size, and the pit depth of penetration can be determined.

Mechanisms of Pitting Corrosion What causes pitting corrosion? Chloride is particularly damaging to the passive film oxide so pitting can initiate at oxide breaks. The environment may also set up a differential aeration cell a water droplet on the surface of a steel, for example and pitting can initiate at the anodic site centre of the water droplet.

In most cases, both the environment and the material contribute to pit initiation. What are the factors influencing pitting corrosion? Sufficient aeration supply of oxygen to the reaction site may enhance the formation of oxide at the pitting site and thus repassivate or heal the damaged passive film oxide - the pit is repassivated and no pitting occurs.

An existing pit can also be repassivated if the material contains sufficient amount of alloying elements such as Cr, Mo, Ti, W, N, etc.. These elements, particularly Mo, can significantly enhance the enrichment of Cr in the oxide and thus heals or repassivates the pit. How to evaluate the resistance of an alloy to pitting corrosion? Prevention of Pitting Corrosion. How to prevent pitting corrosion? Pitting corrosion can be prevented through:.

Extreme value statistics EVS has been used since the s for extrapolating corrosion damages maximum pit depth, crevice depth, crack depth etc. This module deals with the application limits of 55 common corrosion resistant alloys used in water systems including natural seawater, chlorinated seawater, brines, produced water, formation water, brackish water, groundwater, fresh water, and potable water.

Users can define their own alloys for CRA-Compass to evaluate the application limits for their resistance to pitting, crevice corrosion, and stress corrosion cracking SCC under the specified operating conditions.

More detailed information on CRA-Compass is available here. This software predicts pitting depth, pitting rate and time to perforation of aluminum alloys in contact waters and process fluids that contain trace amount of copper ions.

For more details on Pitting Corrosion Where can I learn more about pitting corrosion? More details on pitting corrosion are included in the following corrosion courses which you can take as in-house training courses , course-on-demand , online courses or distance learning courses: Corrosion and Its Prevention 5-day module API Damage Mechanisms Affecting Fixed Equipment in the Refining and Petrochemical Industries 5 days. If you require corrosion expert witness or corrosion consulting service on pitting corrosion, our NACE certified Corrosion Specialist is able to help.

Contact us for a quote. Prevention of Pitting Corrosion How to prevent pitting corrosion? CIPAL-Compass : Copper-Induced Pitting in Aluminium Alloys This software predicts pitting depth, pitting rate and time to perforation of aluminum alloys in contact waters and process fluids that contain trace amount of copper ions.

All rights reserved. Pitting Corrosion. Recognition of Pitting Corrosion. Mechanisms of Pitting Corrosion. What causes pitting corrosion? For more details on Pitting Corrosion. Where can I learn more about pitting corrosion?

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What is uniform corrosion? Uniform corrosion or general corrosion, as sometimes called, is defined as a type of corrosion attack deterioration that is more or less uniformly distributed over the entire exposed surface of a metal see illustration below. Uniform corrosion also refers to the corrosion that proceeds at approximately the same rate over the exposed metal surface. Cast irons and steels corrode uniformly when exposed to open atmospheres, soils and natural waters, leading to the rusty appearance. The photo on the right showed uniform corrosion rusting of a pair of steel nuts used to fasten a galvanized steel clamp on a street lamp post. In sharp contrast, the galvanized steel clamp did not show any signs of corrosion but its surface was discolored by the rust.

Pitting corrosion can lead to critical failures of infrastructure elements. Therefore, accurate detection of corroded areas is crucial during the phase of structural health monitoring. This study aims at developing a computer vision and data-driven method for automatic detection of pitting corrosion. The proposed method is an integration of the history-based adaptive differential evolution with linear population size reduction LSHADE , image processing techniques, and the support vector machine SVM. This optimization algorithm is employed in the task of multilevel image thresholding to extract regions of interest from the metal surface.

1. Uniform Corrosion. This type of general corrosion is characterized by an even, regular loss of metal from the corroding surface. All metals are subject to.

Different Forms of Corrosion Classified on the Basis of Appearence

What is pitting corrosion? Pitting Corrosion is the localized corrosion of a metal surface confined to a point or small area, that takes the form of cavities. Pitting corrosion is one of the most damaging forms of corrosion.

In a previous post, we discussed the basics of corrosion -- from the fundamental chemical reaction to the types of environments in which corrosion can occur. As corrosion most often occurs in aqueous environments, we now explore the different types of degradation a metal can experience in such conditions:. Uniform corrosion is considered an even attack across the surface of a material and is the most common type of corrosion. It is also the most benign as the extent of the attack is relatively easily judged, and the resulting impact on material performance is fairly easily evaluated due to an ability to consistently reproduce and test the phenomenon. Pitting is one of the most destructive types of corrosion, as it can be hard to predict, detect and characterize.

Corrosion and Protection pp Cite as. Closely related to this dynamic behaviour it is assumed that:. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF. Skip to main content.

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The 8 Forms of Corrosion

Case histories and illustrations of specific forms of corrosion. This book presents detailed case histories and illustrations of specific forms of corrosion. Each chapter, written by an expert, begins with an illustrated introduction explaining the specific form of corrosion and its prevention, followed by illustrated case histories of the phenomenon.

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G eneral, or uniform, corrosion is usually the least threatening type of attack because associated metal loss is distributed over a wide surface area.


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