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Reported Speech Lesson And Exercises Pdf

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Do not change the tense if the introductory clause is in a present tense e. He says. Note, however, that you might have to change the form of the present tense verb 3rd person singular.

Home English Grammar Reported speech. He said that his parents had gone on holiday. He said that he was going out now so I would have to wait until he got back.

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Home English Grammar Reported speech. He said that his parents had gone on holiday. He said that he was going out now so I would have to wait until he got back. He said that he would help me. Additional points If we report something which is still true, it is not necessary to change the verb. When we are reporting past tenses and we see the events from the same viewpoint as the original speaker, it is not necessary to change the tense. Pronunciation See the phonemic chart for IPA symbols used below.

Did you like this grammar explanation? Get a free trial of our Online Grammar Course for more. I give the students comic strips from the funny pages, and they have to summarize the direct speech. There are always lots of questions, and that makes especially good practice. I ask students to tell their partner three secrets. Then, this student tells other students in the class a good way to explain the word: gossip! This activity helps students practice reporting but in a fun way! I ask students to think of a fun sentence.

I put them all in a line and the student at the end whispers their sentence to the one beside them, this student then reports the sentence to the following student, and so on. I put students in groups of three. Two in the group are a couple quarrelling, but who will not speak to each other. I showed some slides about a fire at a petrol station and the group had to make up a conversation between two witnesses to the fire.

We then wrote it as a newspaper report. I show them some debate shows on the Internet after advising them to make notes of the main points. Then I ask them to report what different participants opined. SBS insight has nice discussions to be used for this purpose. Students then have to report to the teacher what they heard.

I have students make 10 questions they would ask their favourite actor or actress. Then, they use these questions to interview another partner who pretends to be that famous person. He or she will answer those questions the same way the famous person would. Students end up reporting their answers to the teacher. In that way, they can practice reported speech in an interesting form. I asked a member from the first team to report one of the replies to a question they had asked.

If their reply was correctly put into reported speech, they got a point for their team. I repeated the process until I had covered all the responses from the activity. The team with the most points won the game and was rewarded with cream eggs! Cut a dialogue into four parts. Paste it on four walls. Students work in pairs. One of them is the messenger and the other one is a receiver.

The messenger runs to the walls and remembers the sentences, comes back and narrates the same to the receiver. I put my students in pairs and ask them to interview each other using the questions on the cards. I tell students to think about what happened to them before they came to class.

They write down the direct speech and then the reported speech. Is it correct? Is that a difference? Can you pleeease, explain and help me to make sure to correct this hesitation. Save my name and email address in this browser for the next time I comment. On this page: Form Meaning Pronunciation Teaching ideas Form In reported speech we usually report what was said at a different time, and so we change the tense to reflect the time which we are reporting.

The pronoun she refers to Jane Other words about place and time may also need to be changed. Read more. Passengers — a personalised listening activity. Writing — Story grids. Gabi says:. Andy says:. Stacy says:. Denise says:. Sopan says:. Maggie says:. Charlie G says:. Laura says:. Anonymous says:. Sasha says:. Sahar says:.

Sabrina says:. Eslbase says:. Add your teaching idea or comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Direct And Indirect Speech Chart Pdf - Direct And Indirect Speech Verb Tense Changes Direct

Session Grammar. One thing to remember: Move the tense back! I did not stop him" He exclaimed with great regret that he did not stop him. It's all going to be very expensive. Reported speech also called indirect speech relates what the person said, but does not use the exact words. Julie said.

English grammar – Reported speech

Type of English. Lesson time. I speak. I want to learn.

Backshift We do not change the tense no backshift if the introductory clause is in a present tense. Example: Abigail: "Isabella hates fish. I hope you find it useful! In reported speech, we don't use quotation marks.

To all our teachers: There are many language schools and other educational institutions closing now because of the Coronavirus situation. Please remember we have our Student Site. Reported Speech worksheet Answer Sheet Practice of different reporting verbs and of the reported speech tense changes.

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Just about every language involves some form of reported speech - so once your students get the general idea, they should be off and running with any activities you give them.


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Reported speech: worksheets pdf, printable exercises, handouts. Direct and indirect speech for esl.


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Keep reading to understand how to use reported speech and download this free English lesson!


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