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Roman historiography stretches back to at least the 3rd century BC and was indebted to earlier Greek historiography. The Romans relied on previous models in the Greek tradition such as the works of Herodotus c. Roman historiographical forms are usually different from their Greek counterparts, however, and often emphasize Roman concerns.

Late antiquity is a periodization used by historians to describe the time of transition from classical antiquity to the Middle Ages in mainland Europe , the Mediterranean world , the Near East , and Africa. The popularization of this periodization in English has generally been credited to historian Peter Brown , after the publication of his seminal work The World of Late Antiquity Precise boundaries for the period are a continuing matter of debate, but Brown proposes a period between the 3rd and 8th centuries CE.

Late Roman Historiography

The practice of writing history in the ancient world differed markedly from the practices employed by historians today, in large measure because ancient historians conceived of their task differently. This inquiry could take many forms, and the boundaries between history as we understand it and such genres as ethnography, geography, and biography were never clearly defined. To the extent that ancient historians did practice their craft in a way familiar to us, the choice of genre impacted the work that each has left to us. In addition, deep connections with other forms of writing, including prose genres such as oratory as well as poetic genres of epic and tragedy, contributed to the development of historical writing in ways not always recognizable to the modern practice of history. Most ancient histories were explicitly didactic in nature. They aimed to be useful to the reader either imparting practical knowledge on how to address certain situations or lessons for moral improvement through the provision of historical examples; sometimes they aimed at both at the same time. Even making sense of the past meant something different in a world where the gods might be considered to play active roles in human affairs.

Graduate students may take graduate courses offered by these Departments to enlarge their work in the Department of History. The generosity of a donor has established a fellowship for an entering M. The Department offers fields in most of the periods of Greek and Roman History from the Bronze Age to the later Roman Empire, as well as in ancient historiography. Graduate students may develop fields defined chronologically and thematically. At least one graduate field course is offered each year, sometimes co-taught with faculty from other departments. To study Late Antiquity as their primary field, students should be prepared to learn at least two ancient languages e.

Please note that ebooks are subject to tax and the final price may vary depending on your country of residence. Late antique Corinth was on the frontline of the radical political, economic and religious transformations that swept across the Mediterranean world from the second to sixth centuries CE. A strategic merchant city, it became a hugely important metropolis in Roman Greece and, later, a key focal point for early Christianity. In late antiquity, Corinthians recognised new Christian authorities; adopted novel rites of civic celebration and decoration; and destroyed, rebuilt and added to the city's ancient landscape and monuments. Drawing on evidence from ancient literary sources, extensive archaeological excavations and historical records, Amelia Brown here surveys this period of urban transformation, from the old Agora and temples to new churches and fortifications. Influenced by the methodological advances of urban studies, Brown demonstrates the many ways Corinthians responded to internal and external pressures by building, demolishing and repurposing urban public space, thus transforming Corinthian society, civic identity and urban infrastructure.

Corinth in Late Antiquity

The six-volume sub-series Historiography and Identity unites a wide variety of case studies from Antiquity to the Late Middle Ages, from the Latin West to the emerging polities in Northern and Eastern Europe, and also incorporates a Eurasian perspective which includes the Islamic World and China. The series aims to develop a critical methodology that harnesses the potential of identity studies to enhance our understanding of the construction and impact of historiography. This first volume in the Historiography and Identity sub-series examines the many ways in which historiographical works shaped identities in ancient and medieval societies by focusing on the historians of ancient Greece and the late Roman Empire. It presents in-depth studies about how history writing could create a sense of community, thereby shedding light on the links between authorial strategies, processes of identification, and cultural memory. The contributions explore the importance of regional, ethnic, cultural, and imperial identities to the process of history writing, embedding the works in the changing political landscape. Post a Comment.

This article begins with a brief overview of The Oxford Handbook of Late Antiquity , which attempts to integrate all the interpretive systems economic, social, artistic, religious, cultural while maintaining a broad geographical perspective—from the Atlantic to Central Asia. The discussion then turns to the challenges of recreating the mental world of Late Antiquity. In order to describe the mental world of the elites of Late Antiquity, it is first necessary to know how they conceived of the late antique geopolitical world. One can then proceed to study the values of late antique societies, the late antique religious world, and ultimately the late antique knowledge of the world, in particular, the history of the 'poque as it was understood by its contemporaries. Keywords: late antique period , mental world , geopolitics , religion , values , knowledge. For a half century now, a diverse range of historiographical models for the end of antiquity has been increasingly reshuffled Mazzarino ; Demandt ; Inglebert ; Marcone ; James ; Ando What is more, the expression allowed value to be placed on the creative aspects of the period—especially in religious, cultural, and artistic domains—and it took into account all the historical dimensions, understanding these to be linked to the disappearance of the western Roman empire and to the decline of specific regions.

Gabriele Marasco, Greek and Roman historiography in late antiquity: fourth to sixth century A.D.. Master and The historians of Late Antiquity seem to be very popular all of a sudden. The entire text can now be downloaded as a PDF file. 5.

Late Roman Historiography

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Late antiquity

Studies in Late Antiquity 1 February ; 1 1 : 8— Yet it is still the case that many approaches to late antiquity are bound up with conventional western narratives of historical progress, as defined in Jack Goody's The Theft of History Indeed, the debate about whether late antiquity was an age of dynamic transformation as argued by Peter Brown and his disciples or one of catastrophic disruption as asserted, most recently, by Bryan Ward-Perkins can be regarded as representing two different faces of an essentially evolutionary interpretation of western historical development. This article argues, however, that we can challenge such conventional narrative frameworks by taking a world historical perspective on late antiquity.

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PDF | On Jan 8, , Arnaldo Marcone published Late Antiquity: Then and Now And we are all conscious that no handbook of ancient Roman history could evolved diachronically from Egypt, Greece, and Rome right through to the ara-.

Introduction: Late Antique Conceptions of Late Antiquity

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