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Papers from a flagship conference reflect the latest developments in the field, including work in such rapidly advancing areas as human-robot interaction and formal methods. Robotics: Science and Systems VIII spans a wide spectrum of robotics, bringing together contributions from researchers working on the mathematical foundations of robotics, robotics applications, and analysis of robotics systems.

Do, L. Carrillo-Arce, S.

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This website is outdated, please visit my new site here. Robotics and Automation Magazine, In Proc. Robotics and Autonomous Systems, Foundations and Trends in Robotics, Vol. International Journal of Humanoid Robotics, Volume 10 2 , Autonomous Robots, Volume 34 4 , Autonomous Robots, Volume 34 3 , In press. Conference on Robotics Innovation for Cultural Heritage, Invited presentation. Efficient motion planning for manipulation robots in environments with deformable objects.

Volume 2 4 , pages , Wolfram Burgard, Kai M. Robots and Autonomous Systems, 58 6 , p. Open source implementation available. Michael Karg, Kai M. Habilitation 42 MB, pg Habilitation talk on cryptographic hash function in German 1. Autonomous Robots, Kai M. Cyrill Stachniss Robotic Mapping and Exploration.

Springer Tracts in Advanced Robotics, Vol. ISBN: Poster in the online Proc. Autonomous Robots, Vol. Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence, Vol 52 2 , pages ff, Laugier and R. In it - Information Technology, Vol 4, pages , Robotics Research Editors: S.

Thrun, R. Brooks, and H. Robotics and Autonomous Systems, Volume 55, pages , paper 16 pg, pdf. Informationsfusion in der Mess- und Sensortechnik Editors: J. Beyerer, F.

Puente Leon, and K. Sommer , pages , Volume 32, pages , Advanced Robotics - The Int. Volume 21, number 3, pages Trahanias, W. Burgard, A. Argyros, D. Baltzakis, P. Pfaff, and C. Contact Prof. Armin Hornung, Kai M. Juergen Sturm, Cyrill Stachniss, and Wolfram Burgard A probabilistic framework for learning kinematic models of articulated objects. Jakob Ziegler, Henrik Kretzschmar, Cyrill Stachniss, Giorgio Grisetti, and Wolfram Burgard Accurate human motion capture in large areas by combining imu- and laser-based people tracking.

Transactions on Robotics, Volume 23, pages , paper 12 pg, pdf. Giorgio Grisetti, Gian D. Better look to the JRAS paper.

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Our goal is to build robots that can robustly interact with humans using natural language. This problem is challenging because human language is filled with ambiguity, and furthermore, due to limitations in sensing, the robot's perception of its environment might be much more limited than that of its human partner. To enable a robot to recover from a failure to understand a natural language utterance, this paper describes an information-theoretic strategy for asking targeted clarifying questions and using information from the answer to disambiguate the language. To identify good questions, we derive an estimate of the robot's uncertainty about the mapping between specific phrases in the language and aspects of the external world. This metric enables the robot to ask a targeted question about the parts of the language for which it is most uncertain. After receiving an answer, the robot fuses information from the command, the question, and the answer in a joint probabilistic graphical model in the.

A history of robots: from science fiction to surgical robotics

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