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Digital Fundamentals, 11th Edition

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Analog systems can generally handle higher power than digital systems. Digital systems can process, store, and transmit data more efficiently but can only assign discrete values to each point.

A typical CD player accepts digital data from the CD drive and converts it to an analog signal for amplification. The voltages represent numbers in the binary system. Digital waveforms are made up of a series of pulses.

The frequency is the rate it repeats and is measured in hertz. Duty cycle is the ratio of tW to T. True only if one or more input conditions are true. Indicates the opposite condition. Serial bits on input line Initially, the register contains onlyinvalid 0 0 0 0 data or all zeros as shown here. First bit 1 is shifted serially into the 1 0 0 0 register. Second bit 0 is shifted serially into 01 0 1 0 0 register and first bit is shifted right. Third bit 1 is shifted into register and 0 1 0 1 0 the first and second bits are shifted right.

Fourth bit 0 is shifted into register and 0 1 0 1 the first, second, and third bits are shifted right. The register now stores all four bits and is full. The circuit is wired using DIP chips and tested. DIP chips In this case, testing can be done by a computer connected to the system.

The logic can be programmed for a specific purpose. In general, they cost less and use less board space that fixed function devices. Digital Related to digits or discrete quantities; having a set of discrete values. Binary Having two values or states; describes a number system that has a base of two and utilizes 1 and 0 as its digits. Bit A binary digit, which can be a 1 or a 0. Pulse A sudden change from one level to another, followed after a time, called the pulse width, by a sudden change back to the original level.

NOT A basic logic function that performs inversion. Programmable A category of digital integrated circuits capable of logic being programmed to perform specified functions. Compared to analog systems, digital systems a. The number of values that can be assigned to a bit are a. The reciprocal of the frequency of a clock signal is the a. If the period of a clock signal is ps, the frequency is a. A shift register is an example of a a. A device that is used to switch one of several input lines to a single output line is called a a.

For most digital work, an oscilloscope should be coupled to the signal using a. GND coupling d. All Rights Reserved. Related Papers. By Jawad Mirza. By Zarak Shakeel. By Juan SAnchez. By Bruce Sun. Arduino Microcontroller Processing for Everyone! Part II. Download pdf.

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digital fundumentals 8th edition

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Digital Fundamentals by Floyd and Jain PDF · 1. Digital Concepts. · 2. Number Systems, Operations and. Codes. · 3. Logic Gates. · 4. Boolean Algebra and Logic.

[PDF] Digital Fundamentals by Floyd and Jain

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Digital Fundamentals

This book is recommended by many people for learning the fundamentals of digital electronics. Please note that this is provided to you only for reference, we request you not to distribute and give credits to the author and publisher of this book by buying a paperback or hardcopy of this. Digital fundamentals by Floyd covers the topics viz.

Digital Fundamentals by Floyd and Jain : For courses in digital circuits, digital systems including design and analysis , digital fundamentals, digital logic and introduction to computers Digital Fundamentals, Eleventh Edition, continues its long and respected tradition of offering students a strong foundation in the core fundamentals of digital technology, providing basic concepts reinforced by plentiful illustrations, examples, exercises and applications. Features : rovides a strong foundation in the core fundamentals of digital technology: Revised and Improved! Coverage of key topics has been revised and improved, while obsolete devices have been deleted. A new boxed feature, Implementation, shows how various logic functions can be implemented using fixed-function devices or by writing a VHDL program for PLD implementation. Boolean simplification coverage now includes the Quine-McClusky method and the Expresso method is introduced.

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