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Deep ecology is an environmental philosophy which promotes the inherent worth of all living beings regardless of their instrumental utility to human needs, plus the restructuring of modern human societies in accordance with such ideas.

Deep ecology

In the last two decades, the connections between religion and ecology have been manifest by explosive growth in theological writings, scholarship, institutional commitment, and public action. Theologians from every religious tradition—along with dozens of non-denominational spiritual writers—have confronted religions' attitudes toward nature and complicity in the environmental crisis. This confrontation has given rise to vital new theologies based in the recovery of marginalized elements of tradition, profound criticisms of the past, and new visions of God, the sacred, the earth, and human beings. Religious morality has expanded to include our relations to other species and ecosystems, and religious practice has come to include rituals to help us express our grief and remorse and also to celebrate what is left. Further, dialogues on how traditional religions viewed nature and how these views should be reinterpreted or altered in light of the environmental crisis now join criticisms of economics, technology, energy policies, science, transportation, agriculture, taxation, and education. Keywords: God , religion , ecology , science , nature , environmental crisis , sacred , human beings , religious morality. For as long as human beings have practiced them, the complex and multifaceted beliefs, rituals, and moral teachings known as religion have told us how to think about and relate to everything on earth that we did not make ourselves.

Deep ecology

John A. Grim is a professor of religion and chair of the religion department at Bucknell University. The scholars of religion in this volume identify symbolic, scriptural, and ethical dimensions within particular religions in their relations with the natural world. They examine these dimensions both historically and in response to contemporary environmental problems. The State of the World report cites climate change along with population as the critical challenge of the new century. The call for the involvement of religion begins with the lead essays by a scientist, a policy expert, and an ethicist. Moreover, in the last few hundred years of the industrial revolution, humans have radically altered the nature of the planet—warming its climate, depleting its resources, polluting its soil, water, and air.

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Deep Ecology and World Religions. In examining how deep ecologists and the various religious traditions can both learn from and critique one another, the.

Introduction: Religion and Ecology—What Is the Connection and Why Does It Matter?

To those concerned with challenges and challengers to conventional wisdom, the entirely credible perception of ours as a planet in the midst of a deep environmental crisis offers fruitful grounds for analysis. Skin cancer due to the depletion of the ozone layer is on the increase. Large, at times devastating, climate changes are loose upon the planet.

In the last decade, this husband-and-wife team has been pivotal in the Yale-based Forum on Religion and Ecology.

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NCBI Bookshelf. There is a movement afoot in the United States that environmentalists call deep ecology Tobias, In a nutshell, its basic tenet is that all living things have a right to exist—that human beings have no right to bring other creatures to extinction or to play God by deciding which species serve us and should therefore be allowed to live. Deep ecology rejects the anthropocentric view that humankind lies at the center of all that is worthwhile and that other creatures are valuable only as long as they serve us. Deep ecology says, instead, that all living things have an inherent value—animals, plants, bacteria, viruses—and that animals are no more important than plants and that mammals are no more valuable than insects Blea, Deep ecology is similar to many Eastern religions in holding that all living things are sacred. As a conservationist, I am attracted to the core philosophy of deep ecology.

Deep ecology , environmental philosophy and social movement based in the belief that humans must radically change their relationship to nature from one that values nature solely for its usefulness to human beings to one that recognizes that nature has an inherent value. The phrase originated in with Norwegian philosopher Arne Naess , who, along with American environmentalist George Sessions , developed a platform of eight organizing principles for the deep ecology social movement. Deep ecology distinguishes itself from other types of environmentalism by making broader and more basic philosophical claims about metaphysics , epistemology, and social justice. Conservationism, protectionism, the science of ecology , and deep ecology are some of the major components in the political and ethical movement of environmentalism. They argue that anthropocentrism , a worldview that contains an instrumentalist view of nature and a view of humanity as the conqueror of nature, has led to environmental degradation throughout the world, and thus it should be replaced with ecocentric ecology-centred or biocentric life-centred worldviews, where the biosphere becomes the main focus of concern.

PDF | Humans as created matter engage with the transcendental. Deep ecology matches up to world religions as it shares in the 'celebration.

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For information regarding our Open Access policy, click here. Privacy Policy. Since the twentieth century an interesting and fruitful dialogue has been going on between the two religions. This article describes and discusses possible themes for a Buddhist—Christian dialogue on issues of environmental philosophy. The theoretical starting-point is the belief that Christianity and Buddhism are not static and unchanging entities, but open to learning from each other. Gottlieb eds. Hessel and Rosemary Radford Ruether eds.

Bauman, Whitney A. Bohannon II, and Kevin J. New York, NY: Routledge. PS: students should use the 2 nd edition published in Grim, John and Mary Evelyn Tucker. Washington, DC: Island Press.

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