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Difference Between Business Strategy and Corporate Strategy

This a really important question as planning happens all the time and as this question suggests at different levels and with different scopes of influence. Before I answer this, first some definitions :. The corporate strategy is the broadest and most long-ranging. It must be developed first to provide direction to the business and functional area planning efforts where the activities are planned and managed. So, it is the largest doll that all the others fit into. The business strategy is next.

There are at least three basic kinds of strategy with which people must concern themselves in the world of business: 1 just plain strategy or strategy in general, 2 corporate strategy, and 3 competitive strategy. The purposes of this article are to clarify the differences between and among these three kinds of strategy and to provide some questions useful in thinking about all three. Strategy, in general, refers to how a given objective will be achieved. Consequently, strategy in general is concerned with the relationships between ends and means, between the results we seek and the resources at our disposal. Strategy and tactics are both concerned with conceiving and then carrying out courses of action intended to attain particular objectives. For the most part, strategy is concerned with how you deploy or allocate the resources at your disposal whereas tactics is concerned with how you employ or make use of them.

Business strategy is concerned with the strategic decisions concerning the choice of product, competitive advantage, customer satisfaction, etc. The strategy can be defined as the integrated plan or a trick used to get success in a particular affair. In business terms, the strategy is viewed as a means to reach the goal of the company. In a large firm, there are multiple divisions, units or departments, that is engaged in a number of businesses. In such an organization, there are three primary levels of management, i.

Three Levels of Strategy: Corporate Strategy, Business Strategy and Functional Strategy

The objective of this work is to review the literature of the main concepts that lead to determining the strategic approach, creation of strategies, organizational structures, strategy formulation, and strategic evaluation as a guide for the organizational management, taking into account the effects produced by the different types of strategies on the performance of organizations. In this article, the systemic literature review method was used to synthesize the result of multiple investigations and scientific literature. The process of reading and analysis of the literature was carried out through digital search engines with keywords in areas related to the strategic management. This research reveals the lack of scientific literature containing important theoretical concepts that serve the strategists as a guide in the creation, formulation, and evaluation of strategies. This review contributes to the existing literature by examining the impact of the strategic management on the organizational performance.

In order to do well in a particular field, everyone needs a strategy to take action. When we talk about an organization or a firm, there are three main kinds of management levels present, namely corporate, functional, and business level. The difference between Business Strategy and Corporate Strategy is that business strategy includes decisions related to product choice, competition in the market, the satisfaction of the customer, etc. However, corporate strategy has decisions that are more concerned with fulfilling the expectations of stakeholders. This strategy is more focused on the aim of a business. In business, a strategy is quite crucial when it comes to achieving an objective.

Business Level Strategy Vs. Corporate Level Strategy

Corporate strategies are arguably the most essential and broad ranging strategy level within organizational strategy. The corporate strategy level concerns itself with the entirety of the organization on a more or less abstract level, where decisions are made with regard to the overall growth and direction of a company. For context, other strategy levels include business strategy and functional strategy - more on those later! Visioning involves setting the high-level direction of the organization - namely the vision, mission and potentially corporate values. Objective Setting involves developing the visioning aspects created and turning them into a series of high level sometimes still rather abstract objectives for the company, typically spanning years in length.

A small business operating in a single industry must develop and exploit a competitive advantage if it is to be profitable. You can gain competitive advantage by outperforming your competition in some aspect of business to produce your goods or services at a lower cost. Owners also can demonstrate the superiority of their products to sell them at a premium. The decisions a company makes on its way to creating, maintaining and using its competitive advantages are business-level strategies.

The Difference Between Corporate Strategy & Business Strategy

Key Differences Between Business Strategy and Corporate Strategy

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Julien P.

Corporate strategy is formulated at the organizational level, concentrating on the whole organization, including different business units and.


Eric V.

Many companies have one overarching goal: to earn a profit and create a return for shareholders.



Business strategy is concerned with the strategic decisions concerning the choice of product, competitive advantage, customer satisfaction, etc.


Adriano C.

Putting it Together. Corporate and business strategies work together and influence each other in an effort to make the business units and the corporation.


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